Rethink Church.


Less time being a church service spectator. More opportunity to connect engage, and discuss with others.

Less "see you next Sunday." More everyday family. More everyday impact.

Here at the Great Land Christian Church Fairbanks, we strive to create real family that glorifies God, takes care of one another, and makes a tangible impact in our community. 


Sunday services

On Sunday, 9/8, we will be meeting in house churches.

We primarily meet in house churches throughout Fairbanks on Sunday mornings. Contact Us for details on when and where our house churches meet, and check the Announcements for any special services!

On the first Sunday of every month, we meet all together at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Engineering Facility, in the Schaible Auditorium (which is the same place we meet on Wednesday evenings).

Wednesday Services

7pm @ UAF’s engineering facility

schaible Auditorium

131 Salcha st.

Fairbanks, AK 99709



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