Weekly Communion potlucks

Sign up to bring food to our weekly communion potlucks and help us continue to build family through communing with God and one another.  

opportunities to serve

We’ve almost always got an opportunity to get engaged in community service. Click below to see what we’re doing in partnership with HOPE worldwide!

Our fundraiser for the Gateway to the Arctic Camp raised over $27,000 for the camp! Thank you to everyone who fund-raised and donated!

Dig In THANk you!!!

Easter is near! Join us for a special Easter Sunday service and potluck!

easter sunday April 21

special missions sunday april 28

On Sunday, April 28, we will be taking up a special missions contribution that will be used to support our partnership with the churches in the Baltic/Nordics. This area is an especially challenging place to spread the Gospel, and so we’re excited to support them!

You and God: Women’s retreat May 15-19

Ladies, join us at the Gateway to the Arctic Camp for a time of connection to God and to one another!